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ScheduleReader Subscription Concurrent Standard - Windows

ScheduleReader Subscription Concurrent Standard - Windows

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ScheduleReader is a dynamic reader for .xer and .xml project schedules. 

Schedule Reader Concurrent Standard License supports a certain number of users who can use the software at the same time.   

The software is installed on a network-accessible PC (Desktop or Server) and can be easily accessed from a network location.  

*Software Maintenance Assurance is valid for 1 Year.

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Licence types, classes and conditions

The benefits of the license:

* Only server component activation (online or offline)

* No end-user (client) activation required

* Access to the latest version during the subscription period

* Customer support via e-mail or phone

* Dedicated support team

* Support meeting sessions

*Software Maintenance Assurance (SMA) allows you to benefit from all new versions and released service packs of ScheduleReader during the SMA period.